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Rigol’s DS4000 Series Digital Oscilloscopes Feature Up To 500MHz Bandwidth


Rigol Technologies EU GmbH introduces the DS4000 series digital oscilloscope, featuring up to 500 MHz bandwidth (BW).Designed to reduce test time in research, development and failure analysis applications, Rigol’s DS4000 series digital oscilloscopes make detecting signal and device characteristics easier than ever with advanced waveform search, visualization and replay.


Rigol’s DS4000 series features specifications of up to 500 MHz BW with 4GSa/s sample rate, a standard 140,000 points of deep memory, up to 200,000 frames for waveform record and replay, and up to 110,000 waveforms/second/acquisition rate. In addition, with Rigol’s innovative UltraVision technology, DS4000 digital oscilloscopes offer intensity grading display and real-time waveform record and display, with customizable real-time hardware filters available.

With a variety of trigger functions and automatic measurements with statistics, Rigol’s DS4000 series is perfect for a broad range of applications. These digital oscilloscopes feature serial bus trigger and decodes such as I2C, SPI, RS232, and CAN, as well as advanced math functions. Rigol also offers a variety of active and passive probes and other accessories, arm mounts and rack mount kits.

Featuring an easy-to-read, large 9″ colour display, the DS4000 series offers an attractive profile. Thin and lightweight, the DS4000 series are perfect for tight spaces or for those that need a powerful portable oscilloscope.

Designed to target the requirements of R&D engineers, production test engineers and advanced researchers with its innovative technology, industry-leading specifications, powerful trigger functions and broad analysis capabilities, Rigol’s DS4000 series is ideal for applications in the communications, aerospace/defense, research and education, industrial and consumer electronics, computing and instrumentation industries.

DS4000 Series oscilloscopes are available in 100 MHz, 200 MHz, 350 MHz  or 500MHz, 2 or 4 channel varieties. Pricing for the DS4000 series begins at EUR 1495,00 and are dependent upon configurations and quantity.

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