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New, NXS Series from Smiths Interconnect


– now available from Aerco

Ultra High Density, Space Qualified Interconnect

The new NXS connector series from Smiths Interconnect is an advanced high speed, high density interconnect to provide next generation data on demand. Specifically designed and tested for high speed Space applications up to 10 Gbps per channel, it supports the Digital Transparent Processor architecture now being employed in high throughput satellites.

Qualified to space standards and climatic tested above 2100G, the NXS employs Smiths Hypertac® hyperboloid contact technology, which provides excellent resilience under the high levels of shock and vibration experienced in space environments. The 1A rated contacts feature a self-cleaning 360° wiping action, ultra-low insertion/extraction force, minimal contact resistance, immunity to fretting corrosion and an endurance of 500 cycles.

Comprising PCB mount receptacles and plugs for cable assemblies, the connectors are blind mateable and hot pluggable. The robust construction uses low outgassing materials including a low mass gold plated PEEK composite shell.  

Available as either 4 or 12 high speed quadrax bays with each bay containing two twinax differential 100Ω pairs, data transmission rates of up to 10Gbps per channel are supported. Plug and receptacle connector savers are available for use during development, manufacturing and test phases.

The receptacles are right-angle solderless and incorporate Smiths spring probe technology. They can be placed and replaced with very low disturbance to the board, reducing potential risk and cost of ownership for the satellite manufacturer.

Standard operating temperature range is -40°C to +125°C with a working voltage rating of 50V RMS.

Target applications include Gamma Ray Detection, Weather Monitor, Radio/TV Networks, Broadband, Space Environmental Science, Navigation & Communication, Defence Satellites,

Contact at Aerco: Mark Ogden:  

Telephone for sales enquiries: +44 (0)1403 26020

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