September-October 2020

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Cost-effective interconnects for autoclaved medical devices

A leading medical device manufacturer was recently looking for an alternative to standard high-cost autoclave compatible connector

Robotics technologies are here to stay

Since arriving on the scene some ten years ago, cobots – or collaborative robots – have taken the market by storm.

Bipolar power solutions for precision test and measurement systems

Developing bipolar and/or isolated power supplies is challenging for designers in terms of board area, switching ripple, EMI and efficiency.

Increasing the common-mode rejection ratio of differential amplifiers

To achieve the accuracy of differential amplifier circuits, it’s important to minimise any error source

Evolution of television control with voice technology

In an age where we can communicate around the world seamlessly, surely it should be possible to just utter words like “Hey, TV, find ‘Fast and Furious 7’!” from anywhere in the room?

Considering the input power and PCB of the DC-DC converter

By Lars Foerster, DC/DC Business Development Manager EMEA, TDK-Lambda DC-DC converters are relatively easy to use and, with a few precautions, will provide years of reliable operation. However, there are some basic tips to consider before starting a pr …

Training neural networks for machining applications

During artificial neural network training, it was possible to predict vibration wear and surface roughness based on our previously-trained network using 13 different parameters .

Advances in isolator design make possible stratospheric operating frequencies

Isolation is a measure of how much of the signal travelling in the reverse direction passes back through the isolator.

Gaining an edge on high-speed data transmission

Interest in edge computing and its use is growing rapidly, bringing with it an excellent opportunity to simplify and yet enlarge global infrastructures.

Building safe, secure, connected cobots

A key consideration in cobot design is the consolidation of IT with OT, blending robot instructions with factory operation.

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