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LED Illuminated Pushbutton Switches from knitter-switch can display two different messages


knitter-switch, recognised as one of Europe’s leading switch manufacturers, announces an illuminated panel mounted pushbutton Tact switch that uses LEDs to display two different symbols or messages.

Each LP10 “double legend” pushbutton switch contains a combination of two coloured LEDs – red/blue, red/green and several single colours and one of two messages is visible depending on which LED is illuminated. As an example, an “ON” message can be displayed if the green LED is powered, while an “OFF” message is shown if the red LED is powered.

According to knitter-switch, LP10 pushbutton switches are through-hole mounted, SPST (Off-Mom) switches with a minimum lifetime of 500,000 cycles. Actuation force is 160gf ±20gf and actuation travel is just 0.25mm +0.2/-0.1mm.

Measuring 10mm x 10mm with a height off the PCB of just 11mm, LP10 pushbutton switches features silver plated contacts and terminals rated at 24VDC / 50mA and a maximum contact resistance of 100mΏ. Operating temperature range is -25ºC to +70ºC.

Applications for LP10 switches include instrumentation, home automation products and multimedia devices.

Standard switches are available from a number of distributors throughout Europe. Samples are usually available on next day delivery. For more information visit

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