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Horizon 2020 Photonics Projects will Create 3500 New High-Tech Jobs in Europe within three years


Horizon 2020 Photonics Projects will directly create 3500 jobs in Europe over the next three years. The European photonics industry, which currently employs over 300,000 people, expects to add new high-tech positions, including for optical engineers, chemistry engineers, physicists, physics engineers, electronic engineers, IT & computer scientists, data scientists, material scientists and specialists in quality and certification, and academics, says a syrvey by Tematys.

While the survey shows the photonics projects are on track to create more than 1500 new positions in big companies, and nearly 2000 in SMEs, this could be a conservative estimate given that 80% of the SMEs and only 40% of the big companies interviewed have declared their intention to create jobs.

Highlighting the impact photonics has on mega markets and application areas, the study shows light technologies have become an indispensable to personalised Health Care, Industry 4.0, and Secure Digital Society, for example.

Photonics21 Executive Board Member, Professor Roberta Ramponi said: “We are delighted to create more jobs in an exciting industry that is adding great value to the economic success of Europe. Part of the PPP’s long term growth strategy is generating opportunities for smart, talented individuals, particularly in the fields of semiconductors and photonics.”

The survey discovered positions such as R&D are most in-demand with 80% of respondents requiring researchers as a follow up to the project.

“Roles in quality control, safety, product management and marketing and sales are areas of opportunity for any photonics practitioners of the future,” added Professor Rampon.

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