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Fuse lockouts: what you need to know


Recent advances in lockout devices have created a demand for products which allow the locking out of live terminals which may be exposed upon the removal of the fuse carrier. Due to this, a variety of solutions are now available to suit each type of fuse lockout that workers may encounter. Here is a look at the devices available for fuse lockouts.

What is a fuse lockout?

Removing a fuse can be reliable way of isolating power to electrical circuits where maintenance work is under way. However, steps must be taken to ensure the fuse cannot be replaced. To achieve this, a fuse lockout device is inserted into the fuse carrier and locked in place. This ensures no fuse can be inserted until the authorised person removes the lockout device.

Redspot Fuse Lockout Devices

There are several Redspot fuse lockout devices available, with each one blocking out the live contacts when the fuse is locked out. These fuse lockouts are made from flame-resistant polymers in four different sizes of inserts and allow a 6.4mm shackle diameter safety padlock to be used for a safe locking out.

Adjustable Redspot fuse lockouts are ideally suited to Redspot fuse holders and prevent finger access to live contacts whilst locking out. This lockout is easy to adjust and fits fuse holders from 20A to 100A, providing a single solution for all sizes.

Adjustable spring loaded red Redspot lockout grips to the end-walls of the fuse carrier once the fuse has been removed. It works by pressing the level clamp and secures the device in place whilst blocking the cavity of the holder, which prevents the re-insertion of the fuse to restore power. The lever is locked in place with an approved lock, such as safety padlocks from Reece Safety, and the device is adjustable to fit all fuse carriers in the range 20A – 100A inclusive.

Lastly in the Redspot range are padlockable Redspot fuse holder lockouts. These are padlockable inserts to be used with Redspot fuse holders. They enable the fuse holder to be locked off when the fuse is removed.

Fuse lockouts and blockouts

Universal lockout devices for fuse holders will fit most types, with one size fitting all. These are made from sturdy nylon plastic with the ability to lockout 20 Amp to 400 Amp fuse holders. Fuse spur lockout devices are used to lockout devices for single gang fused spur connection units. It enables safe isolation procedures to be carried out across residential, commercial, and industrial premises in accordance with the Electricity at Work Regulations, complying with BS 1363-4.

Bottle fuse lockouts are available in several sizes, and work by removing the fuse and screwing in the bottle fuse lockouts and secured with a cable lockout or padlock. Lastly, Fuse blockouts are designed to be places where fuses have been completely removed, to prevent accidental re-insertion of fuses. These unique fuse blockouts have the facility to carry a safety tag, giving clear instruction. To find a range of fuse kits, visit:

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