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F-Secure UK awarded grant to research autonomous vehicle network security


Cyber security provider F-Secure has won a £25,000 grant to research the security of connected and autonomous vehicle (CAV) networks. The research will provide guidance to help organisations develop secure CAV systems and applications.

“CAV infrastructure – connecting autonomous vehicles and smart cities – is part of a wider technology ecosystem that will change the world around us, so it needs to be something everyone can trust. Working together we hope to create resilient systems we can all rely on, accelerating adoption while minimising the costs and delays security issues can cause later on,” said Ed Parsons, Managing Director of F-Secure Consulting.

The grant, awarded by the Centre for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles in cooperation with Zenzic and Innovate UK, will be used to support F-Secure Consulting’s research into CAV infrastructure, with a particular focus on mapping attack paths through CAV networks.

Specific areas of investigation by F-Secure Consulting will include:

  • Finding ways to measure and maintain cyber-physical resilience and identify vulnerabilities and threats to connected vehicle networks
  • Determining methods to identify and mitigate complex threats
  • Exploring security considerations for roadside infrastructure from a representative CAV testbed, such as identifying previously unknown attack paths, allowing detection efforts to be focused where they would be most effective.

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