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EU-funded collaboration hub aims to make printed electronics mainstream

Crowdhelix’s new Printed Electronics Helix will bring together global experts who seek to develop solutions that will mainstream printed electronics, the market for which is expected to grow to over $19 billion by 2031.
The Printed Electronics Helix was formally launched on Thursday, September 21, when an array of industry professionals, academic experts, SMEs, and policymakers shed light on the latest innovations and developments in printed electronics.
This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon Europe research and innovation programme.
It is anticipated that the Printed Electronics Helix will create synergies between industry professionals, academic experts, high-tech SMEs and future-orientated policymakers who are seeking to secure international funding to develop innovations in printed electronics, eco-manufacturing, and functional electronics.
By fostering collaboration between multiple disciplines and sectors, Crowdhelix CEO, Michael Browne, believes that the Printed Electronics Helix will help stimulate innovations that will mainstream printed electronics: “Already we can see how multiple industries have harnessed printed electronics to develop cost-effective solutions that can be found in wearables, automotives, medtech and packaging”.
He continued: “It is expected that next-generation printed electronics will be used in spacecraft due to their lightweight design. “What’s much more interesting, however, is the prospect of printed electronics being embedded into everyday appliances as the internet of things evolves. Printed electronics will be embedded into appliances and electronic devices so that we can monitor the condition of their internal components”.
“From a sustainability perspective, this capability could extend the lifespan of everyday electronics as engineers will be able to immediately identify faults within products, thereby accelerating the right to repair agenda,” added Browne.
The Horizon Europe-funded REFORM project is indicative of the potential offered by printed electronics. The anchor project within the Printed Electronics Helix, REFORM seeks to become the catalyst for the creation of a green functional electronics supply chain that could replace metal and copper wiring in electronic devices and appliances.
Led by Cidetec’s Yolanda Alesanco, the project was awarded €3.59 million in funding from the European Union’s Horizon Europe programme and a further €1.4 million from UK Research and Innovation in January 2023. By bringing together a team of multidisciplinary experts, Yolanda believes that REFORM has the potential to give Europe an innovation lead in green printed electronics.

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