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COSEL’s 200W triple output power supply is a finalist in the prestigious Electronics Industry Awards


Cosel announces that its RBC200F, 200W open-frame, configurable AC/DC power supply with triple outputs tailored for robotic controllers and factory automation has been selected by the Electronics Industry Awards voting panel as a finalist in the highly contested Power Product of the Year category.

“We are greatly honoured that a COSEL power solution product we developed for mid-size robotics equipment has achieved finalist status in the Power Product of the Year category of the Electronics Industry Awards. It’s a strong signal that COSEL’s clever combination of the latest technology in digital control coupled with our own advanced topologies make the COSEL RBC200F a very important power solution for our customers engaged in industry modernization and the transition towards Industry 4.0,” said Tatsuo Yamamoto, COSEL’s US and European Business Units Executive Officer.

Based on a unique concept, the Cosel RB series offers three configurable isolated outputs, with one having a reinforced isolation to power Intelligent Gate Bipolar Transistors (IGBT) or equivalent applications. Certified to EN62477-1 Over Voltage Category (OVC) III, by reducing the need for an extra isolation transformer when connected to a distribution panel, the RBC200F power supply simplifies the design process for systems architects while reducing costs. Reducing energy consumption, the RBC200F is fully digitally controlled on the input and output stages. Designed to reduce complexity, the RBC200F features three independent outputs.

The RBC200F accepts input voltages of 84 to 264VAC and delivers an output power of 207W. The product is designed for convection cooling and can be operated from -20 to +70 degrees centigrade. The RBC200F as an input to output isolation of 3,000VAC, and an input to ground isolation of 2,000VAC. The isolation voltage between the three outputs has been optimized for robotic controllers applications. Isolation between the master output and output two corresponds to a functional isolation of 500VAC when the isolation between the master output, output two and the third output is reinforced to 3,000VAC. Certified to IEC/EN62477-1 OVC III and complying with EN61558-2-16, the RBC200F can be directly connected to the installation distribution panel, eliminating the need for an additional isolation transformer.

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