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British Technology Start-up Reaches the Finals in the 4YFN Los Angeles Awards 2019


Savu, the British start-up which protects mobile phone users from electromagnetic radiation, has reached the final stage of the 4YFN Los Angeles Awards 2019.

Savu is among five finalists selected by a jury of investment and corporate venture experts; evaluation criteria include innovation, impact, funding, viability, fit and team dynamics.

Reaching the final stage is an important achievement for the British start-up, which aims to shake up the telecoms sector through its SafeWave Technology that will ultimately be made available directly to the consumer.

“Our goal is for our patented SafeWave Technology to be embedded into all mobile phone handsets at the point of manufacture, resulting in a safer telecoms sector for all, and being a finalist at in the 4YFN Awards has provided a huge step towards achieving this,” said Paul Ross, Director at SAVU.

Savu’s SafeWave technology works by identifying the characteristics of signals being emitted by a phone before determining whether a protective low-frequency random magnetic signal is required and emitting this neutralising signal to mitigate biological effects. The SafeWay Operating System 2.2 runs efficiently, pulling negligible power from the mobile phone batteries.

In contrast, competing technologies passively protect from mobile phone radiation by either blocking, shielding or absorbing it.

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