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Automotive lighting alliance ISELED grows to 28 members


Six new members joined the ISELED Alliance, among them the automotive supplier Dräxlmaier Group, and LED manufacturer, Everlight Electronics.

The product portfolio of the Dräxelmaier Group for premium cars includes ambient and functional lighting systems, interior systems, board networks and battery systems for e-mobility.

“We look at the standardisation of interfaces and future proved protocols as a key topic, significantly increasing the opportunities of functional lighting,” said Dr. Martin Gall, CTO of the Dräxelmaier Group.

The ISELED Alliance is an open industrial alliance with the objective of developing a comprehensive ecosystem – i.e. a complete system solution for innovative automotive lighting – based on ISELED technology.

Following ISELED’s official debut at electronica 2016, this innovative technology based on a true “digital LED” has experienced enormous acceptance in the industry. This is also reflected in the development of the ISELED Alliance, which has set itself the goal of offering a comprehensive system solution – an ecosystem – around ISELED. From initially five members in autumn 2016, the number of Allianz members has increased to 28 companies. The entire value chain is now covered in order to establish ISELED as a standard solution – in future also beyond the confines of the automotive industry.

“The broad spectrum of the Alliance’s members gives ISELED technology ever greater dynamism and enormously expands its potential range of applications – far beyond the original idea of automotive interior lighting,” emphasizes Robert Kraus, CEO of Inova Semiconductors and one of the founders of the ISELED Alliance. “With our new ILaS bus concept (ISELED Light and Sensor Network) based on the ISELED protocol, not only LED elements, but also other components such as matrix LED lights, sensors and actuators can in future be controlled in large numbers via a simple two-wire connection, which is not possible in this form with today’s common buses such as LIN and CAN.

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