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Analog Devices’ Self-Calibrating Energy Metering IC Simplifies Embedded Electricity Measurement


Analog Devices, Inc. (ADI) has introduced an energy metering IC with autocalibration for single-phase energy measurement applications.  The new ADE9153A uses mSure® technology to automatically calibrate the measurement system, significantly reducing calibration time, labor and equipment costs.

As the only energy measurement IC with autocalibration, the ADE9153A enables designers of intelligent lighting, datacenter, EV charging, and industrial applications to add with ease billing-grade accurate energy measurement to their products. Traditional energy measurement ICs require calibration using expensive, external reference grade voltage and current sources. In contrast, the ADE9153A uses mSure technology to calibrate the system based on direct measurements of the metering systems energy measurement signal path. Products engineered to use the ADE9153A can autocalibrate during production, bypassing the need to build, maintain and deploy precision calibration racks on the production floor.

The ADE9153A supports active energy standards including IEC 62053-21, IEC 62053-22, EN50470-3, OIML R46, and ANSI C12.20.  Reactive energy standards IEC 62053-23 and IEC 62053-24 are also supported. The ADE9153A includes power quality measurements such as zero crossing detection, line period calculation, angle measurement, dip and swell, peak and overcurrent detection, and power factor measurements.

ADE9153A Product Highlights:

    • Fast, automatic calibration based on direct measurement of the metering signal path
    • External reference current and voltage sources are not needed
    • Supports Class 0.5 and Class 1 energy measurement accuracy
    • 3 high performance ADCs with 88 dB SNR and a high-gain current channel
    • Advanced metrology features: Watt, VAR, VA, Zx, dip, swell, peak, overcurrent, etc.

Pricing and Availability

Product Full Production Price Each Per 1,000 Packaging
ADE9153A Now $2.97 32ld LFCSP (5x5x0.75mm)
Evaluation Board
Now $110.00 each 61.214 x 110.471 mm

About Analog Devices
Analog Devices is the leading global high-performance analog technology company dedicated to solving the toughest engineering challenges. We enable our customers to interpret the world around us by intelligently bridging the physical and digital with unmatched technologies that sense, measure, power, connect and interpret. Visit

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