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3D AR technology eases remote shopping with virtual fitting rooms


Austrian augmented reality (AR) company Reactive Reality has released the next generation of its 3D modeling technology – the Pictofit AR engine. It creates photorealistic, accurate 3D models of people and fashion items to enable online shoppers to try on garments virtually, for a better informed purchase.

The Reactive Reality Pictofit technology is easily integrated with the Pictofit’s software development kit (SDK) into retailers’ normal product photography operations, and can be used by any consumer with a smartphone, without the need for additional equipment.

“Online clothes shopping is dysfunctional, both for users who cannot be sure how items they choose will suit them in real life, and for merchants who have to carry the huge cost of shipping and processing returned, unwanted items,” said Stefan Hauswiesner, CEO of Reactive Reality. “The Pictofit AR engine turns home computers or smartphones into virtual fitting rooms, showing shoppers how every crease, fold and seam will look on their personal avatars.

Reactive Reality’s Pictofit AR technology combines photogrammetry and artificial intelligence (AI) to convert an array of 2D photos captured by any smartphone camera into a 3D representation compatible with industry-standard image rendering software.

To create the 3D image involves walking around a motionless subject or object at a distance of 1m-3m using a smartphone to automatically capture several hundred frames in HD video mode in under three minutes.

The 2D images are then uploaded onto the Reactive Reality’s site, where its servers transform them into a 3D image, automated by AI algorithms.

The Pictofit engine can be used with other items, including toys, furnishings and more.

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