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1.3kW quarter brick with digital control for datacentre and communications network equipment


Components Bureau are pleased to announce the new BDQ1300 1,300W quarter-brick DC-DC converter from Artesyn Embedded Power. The new BDQ1300 is designed to provide the highest efficiency (over 97%) on-board 12V output with optional digital control. It can accept an input voltage range of 40 ~ 60 V, making it ideal for data centre and communications network equipment.  

“The BDQ1300 has been designed to primarily support two power conversion architectures”, according to the company Technical Marketing Director, Andy Brown, he also quotes  “Either the conventional and widely used ‘two-stage’ conversion architecture network, where the BDQ1300 only provides power to non-isolated, 12V input point-of-load converters such as Artesyn’s LGA80D or LGA50D families; or the module can also be used to support a hybrid conversion architecture. This is where some of the application’s power is converted with 48 V to low-voltage ‘direct conversion’ products.”

The four-pin (length 4.6mm) PMBus header provides standard PMBus control and is responsible for monitoring functions such as voltage, current monitoring, start-up, shutdown control, protection feature warning, shutdown limits, temperature monitoring and revision-control information.  To achieve the maximum conversion performance with minimum control complexity you can choose the BDQ1300 without the four pin PMBus connection.

It has an operating temperature range from -40°C ~ 85C with air cooling  and offers options for base plate cooling.

The quarter brick is EN/UL/IEC/CE/TUV safety approved and ROHS 3.0 (2011/65/EU) compliant.

Click here for more information about BDQ1300 please contact Components Bureau

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