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Unmatched Measurement Precision with High Definition Oscilloscopes


Combining Teledyne LeCroy’s HD4096 high definition 12-bit technology, with long memory, a compact form factor, 12.1” multi touch screen display and powerful measurement and analysis tools, the HDO6000 is the ideal oscilloscope for circuit validation, system debug and waveform analysis.

The powerful feature set provides analytical tools and unique application packages to streamline the testing process. Tools such as WaveScan Search and Find and History Mode, combined with advanced triggering, identify and isolate problems while Spectrum Analyzer Mode provides analysis tools in the frequency domain.

 HD4096 Technology

Oscilloscopes with HD4096 technology have higher resolution and measurement precision than 8-bit alternatives. The high sample rate 12-bit ADCs provide high resolution sampling at up to 2.5 GS/s. The high performance input amplifiers deliver phenomenal signal fidelity and provide a pristine signal to the ADC to be digitized. The low-noise signal architecture ensures that nothing interferes with the captured signal and the oscilloscope displays a waveform that accurately represents the signals from the device under test.

 16x More Resolution Combined with Long Memory

12-bits of vertical resolution provides sixteen times more resolution than 8-bits. The 4096 discrete levels reduce the quantization error. Signals captured with lower resolution oscilloscopes have a higher level of quantization error resulting in less accurate waveforms on the display. Signals captured on an oscilloscope with 12-bit HD4096 technology are accurately displayed with minimal quantization error.

With up to 250 Mpts of memory the HDO High Definition Oscilloscopes can capture large amounts of data with more precision than other oscilloscopes. The 2.5 GS/s, 250 Mpts architecture provides the ability to capture a fast transient or a long acquisition.

A. Clean, Crisp Waveforms – When compared to waveforms captured and displayed by 8-bit oscilloscopes, waveforms captured with HD4096 technology are dramatically crisper and cleaner. Oscilloscopes with HD4096 acquire waveforms at high resolution, high sample rate and low noise to display the most accurate waveforms.

B. More Signal Details – Signal details often lost in the noise are clearly visible and easy to distinguish when captured on oscilloscopes with HD4096. Details which were previously diffi cult to even see can now be easily seen and measured. Using the oscilloscope zoom capabilities gives an even closer look at the details for unparalleled insight to the signals on screen.

C. Unmatched Measurement Precision – Precise measurements are critical for effective debug and analysis. HD4096 enables oscilloscopes to deliver unmatched measurement precision to improve testing capabilities and provide better results.

Advanced Tools for Waveform Analysis

The full range of Teledyne LeCroy analysis options are available for HDO oscilloscope so there is no compromise between higher resolution and analysis capabilities.

WaveScan Advanced Search and Find Tool

Standard WaveScan tool provides powerful isolation capabilities that hardware triggers can’t provide. WaveScan provides the ability to locate unusual events in a single capture (i.e., capture and search), or “scan” for an event in many acquisitions over a long period of time with more than 20 search modes.


The standard LabNotebook feature of HDO6000 provides a report generation tool to save and document all your work. Saving all displayed waveforms, relevant settings, and screen images is all done through LabNotebook, eliminating the need to navigate multiple menus to save all these fi les independently.

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