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Torex Semiconductor launches new 3.0A Synchronous Rectification DC/DC Stepdown Converter


Torex Semiconductor launched a new series of 3.0A synchronous rectification DC/DC stepdown converters (XC9274/XC9275) with a unique HiSAT‐COT high‐speed transient response control.

Recently, FPGAs and ASICs are provided with lower core voltage to reduce power consumption, which demands DC/DC converters with higher precision output voltages.

Conventional DC/DC converters need large capacity output capacitors to control transient voltage
The XC9274/XC9275 Series ICs are the ideal for POL power supplies for devices used with loads that fluctuate significantly.

With second generation HiSAT‐COT, the XC9273/XC9274 Series provides FB voltage accurate to ±1% within the entire operating temperature range for higher output voltage precision.

The new series features world class fast transient response characteristics, enables more compact large capacity output capacitors that used to be required up to now  about 25% less mounting space is required.

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