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Tektronix Expands Serial Standards Testing on DPO70000SX Oscilloscopes


Brings 3rd, 4th Generation Serial Bus Compliance Testing to theIndustry’s Highest Fidelity Oscilloscope

Tektronix, a leading worldwide provider of measurement solutions, is bringing support for serial bus standards testing to the new DPO70000SX family of ultra-high performance oscilloscopes. Featuring patented Asynchronous Time Interleaving (ATI) signal acquisition technology, the DPO70000SX platform offers industry-best signal fidelity and performance coupled with a scalable architecture that offers “room to grow” as signal speeds continue to increase.

As engineering teams prepare for next generation standards in the rapidly growing cloud computing and mobile segments, they need a measurement platform with extremely consistent and precise measurement of high data rate signaling schemes. To meet this need, Tektronix is enabling serial bus test support for 4th generation standards including USB3.1, Thunderbolt over USB Type-C, PCIe Gen4 and DDR4 on the DPO70000SX Series. This new oscilloscope family offers incredible signal fidelity enabling precise margin analysis on 4th generation serial data rates beyond 10Gb/sec.

In addition, Tektronix is bringing its broad portfolio of applications solutions to the DPO70000SX family. This portfolio spans over 50 solutions for PHY layer compliance testing, characterization and debugging in enterprise, data communications, mobile and display segments. The solutions for both 3rd and 4th generation standards offer such capabilities as automated test set-up and execution, built-in reporting options, deep analysis and more.

“As enterprise computing moves from 3rd generation to 4th generation serial standards, our customers need an oscilloscope with the accuracy, support and scalability to manage the transition seamlessly,” said Brian Reich, general manager, Performance Oscilloscopes, Tektronix. “Starting with 23 or 33 GHz models, the DPO70000SX’s scalable architecture provides ‘room to grow’ so engineers can preserve their test investment when the time comes to test next-generation standards that need bandwidth at 50 GHz and beyond.”

The DPO70000SX series of oscilloscopes offer a number of advantages for high-performance compliance and debug applications compared to previous generation oscilloscopes, including:

  • High bandwidth, low noise ATI channels for the best signal fidelity and widest measurement margins for today’s and tomorrow’s fastest signals.
  • A flexible architecture allowing units to be configured at the customer site to go from 23 GHz to 70 GHz with little downtime.
  • Industry-best triggering with 25 GHz edge trigger bandwidth to easily capture the fastest signals.
  • High-precision time base delivering the extremely accurate timing and jitter measurements on today’s fastest standards.
  • An integrated counter/timer that enables high precision timing measurements to characterize designs and debug problems.

Third and 4th generation serial bus application solution options for DPO70000SX oscilloscopes will be available beginning May 31. Contact a Tektronix sales representative for details.

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