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Stadium IGT Secure Access Control Panels Feature Innovative “Thin-Film” Backlighting Technology


As the need for secure, controlled and monitored access to offices, factories and public buildings continues to increase so does the requirement for flexible and “intelligent” human-machine-interfaces (HMI). Stadium IGT, one of the UK’s longest established HMI Solutions providers, can now provide access and security system manufacturers with bespoke control panel solutions offering a number of innovative features.

In their basic form the panel can be simply a cover-plate for an RF sensor with stop/go indication. Enhanced panels can include integration for ID card reading, the addition of a display for user information and high impact product or corporate branding

A unique feature of access panels from Stadium IGT is the use of their market leading “Thin-Film” LED backlighting technology. This offers uniform light intensity of the display, low profile (2.00mm or less), rugged construction utilising hard coat acrylics (up to 5.0mm) and the option of construction with glass for ‘high-end’ architectural applications. The advanced backlighting technology offers illuminated logos and icons, colour changing signs and ‘secret till lit’ legends for user information.

The bespoke design service offered by Stadium IGT allows complete customisation and panels can be specified with advanced capacitive switching, with or without illumination, and integrated with other technologies and components including card readers and LCD displays.

Terry Moss, Sales Director of Stadium IGT, comments, “Stadium IGT is a leading manufacturer of bespoke control and status panels for many diverse applications including; professional audio and broadcast equipment, industrial systems, safety and alarm panels, marine monitoring equipment, defence, agriculture and building services and automation. Our bespoke control panels are ideally suited to the building access and security market and offer system designers complete flexibility of functionality and aesthetics.”

Stadium IGT has been at the forefront of Human Machine Interface technology for more than twenty five years and has been responsible for many technological innovations now in common use. These include numerous backlighting techniques, integral RFI screening and most recently the development of capacitive switching systems, both touch screen based and single press control panels with optional back-lighting. Stadium IGT products are widely used in rail, marine, aviation, industrial and medical markets.

Stadium IGT
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