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RoHS compliant EMC ventilation panels


Kemtron has introduced a RoHS compliant aluminium passivation process for its aluminium honeycomb EMC ventilation panels. The process has eliminated the hexavalent chromium which is present in some aluminium passivation processes; the new conversion coating meets the requirements of Mil-C-5541E for corrosion and electrical conductivity.


Kemtron has also invested heavily in a new state-of-the-art production facility to make the EMC Honeycomb Vent Panels. Fully programmable CNC machines for the notching & cutting of the frame extrusions and drilling of exact and repeatable holes combined with the latest TIG welding equipment allows Kemtron to offer a fast delivery, competitive range of aluminium vent panels produced to customer designs. This advanced technology also eliminates the need for additional tooling and set-up charges needed with older production techniques.

The standard honeycomb vent panel is constructed from two layers of aluminium honeycomb set at 90°to each other and set in an extruded aluminium frame.

To achieve optimum RF attenuation the overall cell thickness to cell diameter ratio needs to be 4:1. However Kemtron can also offer single layer styles where lower levels of shielding performance versus reduced thickness are required. Fixing points can either be plain thru-holes or inserts.

Each vent is supplied with an EMC gasket to ensure effective EMI shielding and grounding. For harsh environments it is possible to include various styles of kick plate to one face of the honeycomb. In addition 30° and 45° honeycomb is available to provide either directional air flow or prevent ingress of dripping water.


Kemtron Ltd

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