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Reference board for powerful video wall system design


congatec presents reference board for powerful video wall system design

congatec AG introduces a new reference board for video wall system design. Video wall systems increasingly rely on high-quality videos and (3D) graphics and therefore require a maximum number of graphics interfaces.


The congatec reference board offers up to nine independent DisplayPort connectors in combination with an MXM graphics module and a COM Express CPU module. Both are equipped with AMD technology and provide concentrated graphics and computing power.

The video wall baseboard reference platform is based on the new COM Express™ specification 2.1 for Pin-out Type 6 making it ideal for new designs. Displays can also be connected via additional VGA or LVDS ports. Besides graphical interfaces, the new video wall baseboard includes a wide range of important ports for embedded applications such as 2x Gbit Ethernet, 4x SATA, 2x USB 3.0, 4x USB 2.0, High Definition Audio and a 19V power supply for standard notebooks. For mass storage, a 2.5″ SATA hard drive or SSD can be mounted directly on the baseboard. The baseboard also comes with an RF4CE (ZigBee) receiver enabling remote control.

The embedded reference board provides a quick route to the development of customized video wall systems and faster time-to-market.


congatec AG





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