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Rack-mount equalizers help to optimize satcom performance


Now available from Link Microtek is a series of rack-mount amplitude/slope equalizers that will enable L-Band satellite communications designers to optimize the performance of their systems.

Manufactured by US company MITEQ, the equalizers come in two versions – DL1E and RL1E – which provide dual-channel and 1:1 redundancy operation, respectively.


Offering independent gain and slope adjustment, the new units are designed to eliminate RF/IF cable run losses and compensate for L-Band cable frequency roll-off. The series includes models covering the frequency ranges 950-1450MHz, 950-1750MHz and 950-2150MHz.

Both types of equalizer feature hot-swappable RF modules and fully redundant hot-swappable power supplies to maximize system availability, and the RL1E redundancy unit can be set for automatic or manual switchover.

Remote control is provided as standard via a user-selectable RS485/RS422 interface, while RS232 and 10/100Base-T Ethernet interfaces can be specified as options.

Operating from a 90-250VAC input, the equalizers are suitable for use in ambient temperatures ranging from 0 to 50degC and are housed in a 1U-high 19in. chassis.

For applications where rack space is restricted, the amplitude/slope equalizers are also available in the MITEQ patented 1/3-rack package, which enables three times as much functionality to be integrated into the rack space of a conventional 1U 19in. unit.

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