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Pure Electronics Ltd


Pure Electronics is a dependable Global PCB supplier based in Chippenham, Wiltshire. We offer Uk and off-shore manufacture of bare boards to support your every need from a one off for a University, low volume for R&D departments or high volume delivered direct to your door on time, every time!

2 to 64 layers, No MOQ and No MOV, we can produce boards within 24 hours here in the Uk and standard lead time from China is 5 days.

Free of charge tooling on 2 & 4 layer boards and Free of charge tooling on transfer parts.

At Pure Electronics we regularly manufacture 20 layer HDI boards, produce copper coin technology boards, a recent 1 Meter x 1 Meter Flexi board and won an award for an access control company due to our design assistance and manufacture of their flex-rigid board. Pure are also RF specialists and have exotic materials to hand. All that said we like any basic boards too.

Pure Electronics have taken a lot of market share due to our dependability as a global PCB supplier, we have come out of COVID with more customers than we went in with, figures YOY are up 9% because we have continued to deliver QUALITY boards on time, every time at competitive prices from either our UK or Off-shore facilities.

We supply a huge spectrum of industries and our team prides it’s self on being the most passionate, caring, dependable, transparent and exceptional experts at delivering PCB’s.

Pure Electronics is confident we will beat the prices you are currently paying for bare board so if it’s time to do a benchmarking exercise on any number of parts we look forward to the challenge! Any savings for companies are welcomed right now for sure and don’t forget we offer free of charge tooling on any transfer parts!

We would love to engage with you on NPI projects too, simply send gerbers for a same day quote.

 What are you waiting for?

Andy Windsor, Ops Director is available anytime on 01249 554260

Cherie Sharpe, Business Development Director, also available anytime on 01933 448808

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