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Premier Farnell launches ‘Embedded Hub’


Premier Farnell launches a dedicated online resource, called ‘Embedded Hub’ for a comprehensive support of embedded design engineers at all the stages of their design process.

The Embedded Hub can be accessed from the Farnell element14 website, and it’s currently demonstrated at the Farnell element14 stand at Embedded World in Nuremberg, Germany (26-28 February 2019) at Hall 1, Booth 370.

The Embedded Hub takes developers through the design journey in four main knowledge areas: research, design, prototype and test– with each stage providing instant access to resources including product data sheets, application notes, white papers and links to relevant content on the element14 Community. Developers can follow the design journey through these knowledge areas finding support on what they need at each stage. A designer searching for microprocessors or programmable devices will, for example, also be guided to the associated components such as memory, power management, I/O devices or connectors that would be required to complete the design project.

Developers can also access information on:
• Development kits, single-board computers and associated software tools such as compilers, OS, middlewares and EDA/CAD tools, with comprehensive data and support available for easy access.
• The development of embedded designs for specific applications, including the Internet of Things, industrial automation and control, wireless, sensing, power management, motor control, lighting, displays and a marketing-leading complete Artificial Intelligence solution for embedded developers.

“We have invested in understanding our customers, and the challenges they face as they follow their design journey so that we can provide in-depth support, from resources and hardware to software solutions, to accelerate the design process and help them bring their products to market quicker than ever before,” says Ankur Tomar, Regional Solutions Marketing Manager at Premier Farnell and Farnell element14. 

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