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ADVERTORIAL: Plugging Into What’s Next with Mouser Electronics


For European design engineers faced with reducing energy consumption, it is becoming increasingly important to obtain the right product from the right distributor to maintain a speed-to-market advantage.


The European Commission (EC) estimates that 80 percent of all product-related environmental impacts are determined during the design stage. Since April 2011, Tier 2 requirements of the Eco-Design Directive 2009/125/EC for Energy-related Products (ErP) are in effect in European Union countries. All external power supplies for consumer electronics and office equipment must meet Level V/ErP2 efficiency standards in order to gain the EC mark of approval, a prerequisite to sales in the European marketplace.
To aid design engineers in the search, Mouser is dedicated to providing an extensive product offering of Level V/ErP2 External Power Supplies from key global suppliers. In addition, the design-fulfillment distributor offers local technical support from its nine support centers across Europe, including a local office in the UK and a flagship office in Munich.
“Our goal is to provide the newest products and most advanced technologies in Level V external power supplies from key suppliers in this area, staying ahead of the tough efficiency standards facing design engineers,” says Graham Maggs, Director of Supplier Marketing for Mouser Electronics in Europe. “Engineers know and trust that Mouser will provide energy-efficient design solutions that meet today’s standards while providing fast, accurate shipping and local technical support.”
Charting the new requirements, the new Level V energy-efficient criteria consist of the following:
z No-load condition power consumption shall not exceed 0.3W (for Po≦51W) or 0.5W (for 51W < Po ≦ 250W)
z Average active efficiency shall not be less than the following limits:
Available through the award-winning website, Emerson Network Power offers the DA Series medical wall-mount external power supplies, in 12W and 18W versions, with US and EU interchangeable AC plugs. The DCH5 Series wall-mount adapters provide 5W of power and are designed with an AC plug for use in the United States, Europe, United Kingdom, or Australia; and a USB receptacle which accepts an external cable. This unique design eliminates the need for dedicated power cable attachments and connectors. Also available from Emerson Network Power is the DP40 40W Desktop Power Supply Series, featuring both ITE and medical-grade approvals. To learn more, visit emersonpower/.
Providing global OEMs with worldwide compliance, Phihong USA offers a comprehensive line of Level V/ErP2-rated standard adapters. Available products consist of 5V-56V desktop versions with outputs of 20W to 120W, 3V-56V wall-mount versions with outputs of 2W-60W, and a Power-over-Ethernet (POE) model. The Phihong Level V/Erp2-compliant lineup includes the industry’s first 60W wall-mounted adapter, with interchangeable international AC clips. Visit
SL Power’s broad offering of Level V/ErP2-compliant external power supplies includes the CENB/MENB series, offering both ITE and medical approved devices. This new single output series covers a range of 12 power levels from 10W to 220W, available in models from 5V to 48V. Desk-top and wall-mount versions are offered, with interchangeable blades to meet country specific inlet requirements. Visit
Finally, Cincon presents an array of Level V/ErP2-compliant external power supplies comprised of wall-mount adapters, as well as desk-top models, available with US, international, and interchangeable plugs. Cincon adapters are available with medical and/or ITE approvals. The newest Level V/ErP2 addition to Cincon is the wall-mount TR15RM Series, with interchangeable AC plugs, delivering up to 15W of power. Learn more at
Mouser’s vast array of Level V/ErP2 External Power Supplies from global suppliers is characteristic of its dedication to meet the changing needs of the design engineer. As a top global distributor of semiconductors and electronic components, Mouser provides the industry’s latest energy efficient technologies from top suppliers, coupled with unbeatable customer service from 19 locations worldwide, serving engineers and purchasing agents in local languages, currencies and time zones.
The distributor’s award-winning website, features more than 2,500 Product Knowledge Center (PKC) training sites and represents the most up-to-date resource for design engineers to quickly search products, manufacturers or applications. For more information and a complete listing of Level V/ErP2-compliant external power supplies available at Mouser Electronics, visit

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