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OMC introduces new FDH36 rugged bulkhead housing for fibre optic transmitters and receivers with ST connector


OMC, the pioneer in optoelectronics design & manufacture, has announced its new FDH36 rugged bulkhead-mount housing for fibre optic receivers and transmitters.

The new device incorporates an ST connector and has been developed as the ST version of OMC’s popular FDH1 transmitter and receiver housing. The robust design of the FDH36 helps it withstand the harsh operating environments often found in industrial, automotive, mass transit and similar applications, including off-road vehicles.

The new FDH36 consists of an all-metal, rugged turret design with a square base flange. The flange features mounting holes in each corner and is designed to bolt down firmly to the bulkhead, helping to ensure a robust and secure fixing. As well as offering greater physical resilience than plastic housings, the FDH36’s metal construction also helps with screening against radio frequency interference.

Comments OMC’s Commercial Director, William Heath: “The FDH36 is the latest addition to our proprietary range of precision-machined, all-metal fibre-optic components, designed to interface with industry standards while offering the consistency, longevity and robustness needed for industrial, transport, and other challenging applications. Our new FDH36 rugged bulkhead housing with ST connector can accommodate our full range of Tx and Rx diodes, helps withstand vibration and is ideal where links have to allow for multiple connect and disconnect cycles.” Heath adds, “As we design and manufacture our transmitters, receivers and fibre-optic connectors in house, we welcome custom requirements and are able to offer parts that are tailored to suit an individual customer’s specific needs.”

OMC’s fibre optic systems are used in braking systems on trains; military radar systems; engine monitoring systems; destructive automotive crash testing; machine vision in robotics; data transmission in CNC machinery in industrial applications; petrol pump control systems at filling stations and many other applications across multiple industry sectors.

About OMC
Founded in the mid-1980s as The Fibre-Data Group, OMC is one of the longest-established specialist manufacturers of optoelectronics in Europe, headquartered in Cornwall, UK. Accredited to ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007 and winners of the UK National Electronic Component Award for Innovation, OMC is a pioneer in the development, manufacture and application of cutting-edge LED and fibre-optic technologies for a wide range of industries and companies worldwide, and places a major focus on research and development, engineering and innovation. OMC’s commitment to the highest standards of quality, performance and engineering support is recognised within the industry. OMC has four key manufacturing divisions: Fibre Optics; LED Backlights and Optical Mouldings; Discrete Optoelectronic Components; and Semiconductor (LED) Lighting.

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