Wieland's ricos TP - Designed for Harsh Environments

Wieland Electric's ricos TP, a decentralised I/O system that allows communication over a standard fieldbus protocol between a controller and sensor level, has been specifically designed for use in harsh environments. ricos TP can be used in rough environmental conditions ranging from the transportation industry to oil production, construction machinery, cranes and traffic control systems.

Wieland's ricos TP provides an extended temperature range in all applications and is rated for use from -40ºC up to +70ºC. This is vastly superior to competitive products which, typically, have serviceability only from 0ºC to +55ºC. It also provides high EMC immunity.

The multi-functionality of ricos TP enables it to be compatible with various interfaces. Depending on the application requirements, it can be used as a powerful control or automation system with a power PC CPU, or as an intelligent fieldbus node. Suitable bus interfaces include Ethernet, LON, Profibus, CANopen and MVB.

ricos TP incorporates the very latest electronic and semiconductor components to achieve a maximum level of performance from an extremely compact design of only 22.5mm wide. High computing capacity guarantees very fast system throughput, accompanied by superior accuracy and reliability. Components are standard for 24V DC and 110V DC, although other voltage ranges are available on request. The system has a modular design and can monitor up to 128 digital or 24 analog sensors or actuators and, depending on the application, it can be used remotely and serves as an I/O system or as an I/O system with PLC functionality.

Wieland's remote interface technology incorporated into ricos TP combines terminal I/Os and bus connections into one independent unit. Wiring installation times are reduced via open clamping points, spring clamp connections and DIN rail mounting provides maximum flexibility for industrial and process industry applications. Local commissioning and diagnostics are carried out through a keypad, and electronic components may be changed without disconnecting the wiring when carrying out maintenance or system extensions.