SMSC delivers Industry first automotive USB 2.0 hub controller and card reader combination devices

SMSC announced the USB82640 and USB82660 single-chip, 2-port USB 2.0 hub controllers combined with memory card reader functionality, allowing customers to access navigation data and entertainment content stored directly on solid state memory cards. The introduction of these integrated connectivity devices marks the expansion of SMSC's portfolio of TrueAuto(tm) solutions that are designed, fabricated, tested, characterized, qualified and supported specifically for use in highly reliable automotive applications.
"Portable memory cards are used by passengers to transfer information created on computers, portable media players or cameras into the car. Solid state memory is also increasingly replacing rotating media inside automotive infotainment devices like navigation systems to store content such as map data. These in-box use cases require true automotive-grade reliability," said Christian Thiel, Vice President and General Manager of SMSC's Automotive Information Systems group. "Our new combination hub and card reader devices, designed with our TrueAuto quality process, give car makers the ability to design highly reliable data access devices for their information and entertainment systems, whether those devices connect to internal peripherals or provide external consumer access."
The USB82640 provides two downstream USB 2.0 ports plus a single Secure Digital (SD)/MultimediaCard (MMC) or Sony MemoryStick(tm) memory card interface. The USB82660 provides a second SD card interface and is capable of operating up to an ambient temperature of 105 degrees Celsius. The second memory card interface enables navigation data and entertainment content to be accessed simultaneously when stored in popular memory card formats. The SDIO interface can be used to attach modules that provide additional features such as WiFi, Bluetooth(r) and GPS connections. Car makers can build complex automotive systems with confidence because the quality that the TrueAuto approach delivers ensures that both internal and external connections are highly reliable. Both products are high-performance, low-power, small footprint controller ICs. Additional advanced features include:
- PortMap to enable flexible port mapping and port disable sequences so that a single part can be used in multiple platforms that require 2, 3 or 4 USB ports.
- PortSwap to ease PCB design by aligning signal traces directly to connectors.
- PHYBoost to allow for programmable transceiver drive strength to aid in preserving signal integrity in complex system environments.

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