New design tools for high-power LED flash in mobile phones from ON Semi, AnalogicTech, Seoul Semi

CAP-XX has announced availability of new tools to facilitate the design of high-power LED BriteFlash units for slim camera phones and digital cameras, showing growing support for its BriteFlash Power Architecture. CAP-XX had developed BriteFlash to give designers a thin-form LED flash solution that delivers much more light energy than standard battery-powered LED flash, rivaling bulkier xenon flash.
ON Semiconductor will shortly release its new NCP5680 10A LED driver to join its CAT3224 4A driver, and AnalogicTech is sampling a new version of its AAT1282, the AAT1282-4, which boosts output to 4A.
These new supercapacitor-optimized LED flash drivers integrate power management tools to manage a supercapacitor as it provides peak-power support for portable applications such as audio, video, wireless transmissions and high-power LED flash. The drivers integrate the circuitry needed to charge the supercapacitor, manage in-rush current and control LED current, thus saving development time, board space and component cost.
Both Seoul Semiconductor and ON Semiconductor have created LED flash module reference designs that demonstrate the thin-form BriteFlash solution.
More supercapacitor-optimized LED flash drivers are also in late-stage development at other PMIC companies.

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