Omron expands industrial connector range

Omron Electronic Components Business Europe (OCB-EU) has introduced a new range of MIL connectors featuring a unique locking mechanism that can be easily be operated with one hand, and reduces the PCB footprint and mounted height. A new style of industrial connector for sensor connection and similar applications, that can be assembled easily with no need for crimping, has also been added.
The new Omron XG4M-U series of MIL connectors has a unique spring loaded locking mechanism that can easily be connected and disconnected with just one hand. This compact mechanism also reduces the board area occupied by 24% compared with Omron's established XG4A series, and reduces the mounting height by 24%, compared to the XG4M-T. Omron is releasing the new style in a range of sizes from 10 to 64 ways.
Omron has also introduced the XN2, a new series of industrial connectors that holds the wire using industry proven spring clamps, eliminating the need for crimps. No special tools are required for assembly, giving easy installation in the field. XN2 connectors can be easily detached and reattached to the cable for straightforward rewiring and repair. The connectors accept wire sizes from AWG28 to AWG 20.