Semiconductor Sensors From Panasonic Handle Low-To-Very-High Pressures

Panasonic Automotive & Industrial Systems has introduced a broad range of high-precision, miniature semiconductor pressure sensors that can handle pressure. They are available with built-in amplification and temperature compensation cicuitry (PS-A units). Precision sensors without amplifier and open wheatstone measurement bridge are also available and in ultra-miniaturised sizes (PS). In addition, there are versions with chamfered pins for improved ease of DIP pin insertion into PCBs.

The PS-A units come in three types. The standard type with a glass base can handle pressures from ±100kPa to -1000kPa with a total accuracy of ±1.25%. The economy type without a glass base is for 40kPa pressures and ±4% accuracy and the low-pressure version is for 6kPa and ±2.5% accuracy. Footprint is 7.0 x 7.2mm (10.4 x 10.4mm for the low-pressure type).

T&M Supplement

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