IQD Introduces Ground-Breaking New Quartz Crystal Range

IQD has launched two new quartz crystal models housed in unique innovative packages that deliver significant space and cost saving, whilst still utilising tried and tested technology.

The new surface mount IQXC-74 measures just 7 x 4mm with a height of 2.3mm – this compares with the similar current industry standard HC49/4HSMX design which measures 11.4 x 4.9 x 4.3mm. Whilst IQD’s latest ceramic package designs do offer smaller dimensions than this, they are significantly more expensive due to the artificially high cost of the ceramic packaging. The IQXC-74 offers an attractive compromise at significantly lower cost.
IQD is also launching a thru-hole version, the IQXC-75 which is even smaller at 6 x 4 x 1.8mm with similar benefits. Both models are designed to provide a low-cost, high reliability timing solution in a wide range of electronics applications.
Frequencies are available from 12 to 40MHz over operating temperature ranges as wide as -40 to +85°C.