New Publication: Baxandall and Self on Audio Power

Linear Audio, the tech audio publisher from The Netherlands, has released a new publication: Baxandall and Self on Audio Power, a 120-page reprint of classical Wireless World articles on audio power amplification by Self and Baxandall from 1978 to 1994. The collection includes a 35-page previously unpublished personal communication on the subject from Peter Baxandall.

Baxandall and Self on Audio Power has three sections: one contains Peter Baxandall’s six Wireless World articles from 1978/1979. These focus on feedback and stability in power amplifiers, and give an overview of the issues and solutions in making a very linear and stable power amplifier.
Section Two is Douglas Self’s series of eight articles from Wireless World 1993/1994. These articles focus on the various types of distortion in power amplifiers and how to minimize each of them. This is the article series that resulted in the ‘Blameless Amplifier’ concept.
Section Three consists of Peter’s comments on Douglas’s articles, and contains many hand-drawn graphs and schematics.