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New technologies drive tall building innovation


Artificial intelligence, data and video analytics, IoT and machine learning are being harnessed for building new skyscrapers.

This is also the case with Twentytwo, an innovative new development located minutes from the new London Liverpool Street Crossrail station, which, when completed next year, will stand 278 metres tall and have a number of new construction solutions in a challenging historic and densely populated urban environment. Developers, planners and architects around the world can turn to Twentytwo as a model case in building smarter, faster and safer.

In 1990, there were just ten ‘megacities’, counting over 10 million inhabitants. By 2015, that figure had jumped to 28, accounting for 12% of the world’s urban population.

People are moving to urban centres attracted by the lifestyle and range of opportunities they offer, however more people on the pavements and soaring land prices mean new buildings need to head skywards.

The ability to build higher has long been linked to advances in various technologies.
Elevators, for example, are integral to constructing megastructures and moving the millions of tenants who use these buildings. The lift being installed in the building is using AI, video analytics and other advanced techniques to move people smarter, more intelligently.

Density increase by 50% in Asia and 33% in Europe/North America in recent year. CompassPlus, from elevator builder Otis, used an intelligent dispatcher based on passenger grouping algorithms to get people to their floor with fewer stops.

It uses IoT and data analytics to improve maintenance effectiveness, maximise equipment uptime, identify proactive maintenance and for repairs. Machine learning is used to fine-tune dispatching and elevator usage. eCall puts the elevator in the palm of a hand, allowing to call it from anywhere in the building so that it waits for a passenger. 


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