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New flexible 50 micron temperature sensor


Heraeus Nexensos have introduced a new miniature, ultra-thin and flexible temperature sensor element which is only 50 microns thin!  The MicroRTD has several footprints down to 0.6mm x 0.3mm (0201) and will facilitate applications for temperature sensing in the smallest of electronic devices where previously was not possible.

This ultra small MicroRTD enables the sensor to be positioned in-between thin layers or into confined, previously inaccessible areas, thus opening up exciting developments in next generation batteries, micro-processors and consumer electronics.

Additionally, further opportunities are available in skin thermometry, smart textiles or smart/linked medical applications as a result of its flexible, bendable structure.  The MicroRTD is highly accurate (±0.1°C) and its small thermal mass ensures very fast and precise temperature measurement.

Often the engineers’ demand for miniaturisation is compensated by a reduction in longevity of the resulting temperature sensor.  However as with platinum RTD temperature sensors, the MicroRTD offers high levels of precision, long-term stability and fast response times whilst operating over a wide temperature range of -40°C to +150°C. Click here for more information

All in all, the MicroRTD is an exciting new temperature sensor with boundless opportunities!

Heraeus Nexensos is the largest global manufacturer of platinum RTD sensors selling over 73 million units in 2020 alone.  The full range of Heraeus platinum and RTD temperature sensors is available from ATC Semitec Ltd.

For further information and samples call our technical sales team on 01606 871680.

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