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New Arbitrary Waveform Generators Featuring Deep Memory & Signal Fidelity 


Rigol Technologies EU GmbH introduces the DG1000Z series arbitrary waveform generators, the latest development in their family of fast, easy-to-use, and ultra modern test instruments. 

Rigol’s DG1000Z series helps engineers to accomplish a wide range of testing applications by combining many functions in one easy-to-use instrument. Functions include Arbitrary Waveform Generator, Function Generator, Pulse Generator, Harmonic Generator, and Analog/Digital Modulator. The DG1000Z series also incorporates Rigol’s Direct Digital Synthesizer (DDS) technology, ensuring that signals are delivered with stability, precision, purity and low distortion. These arbitrary waveform generators with innovative SiFi (Signal Fidelity) can generate arbitrary waveforms point-by-point, restore signal distortionless and allow precisely adjustable sample rates and low jitter (200ps).

The arbitrary waveform memory is available with 8Mpts (standard) and 16Mpts (optional). Two full functional channels can be used as two independent generators offering ±1ppm frequency stability and -125dBc/Hz phase noise. The instruments have a built-in 8 orders harmonics generator and a built-in 7 digits/s full function frequency counter with 200MHz bandwidth. Users can choose from up to 160 built-in waveforms with 14 bits vertical resolution and can benefit from a convenient arbitrary waveform editing interface. Versatile modulation types include AM, FM, PM, ASK, FSK, PSK and PWM. The instruments offer standard interfaces USB Host & Device and LAN (LXI Core Device 2011) and a 3.5“ TFT colour display. All models are supported by the Ultra Station PC software tool.

Designed to target the requirements of R&D engineers, production test engineers, teaching labs and advanced researchers, Rigol’s DG1000Z series is ideal for applications in the communications, aerospace/defense, research and education, industrial and consumer electronics, computing and instrumentation industries.

There are 2 models of the DG1000Z Series Arbitrary Waveform Generators: 30 MHz and 60 MHz while pricing starts at € 467,00. Besides these models, Rigol’s portfolio of Arbitrary Function Generators ranges from a 20 MHz low cost model up to the 2 channels DG5000 family (70 – 350MHz, 14 Bit and 128 million points of memory).

For technical details and further information please visit our website or please contact us at

More technical details and information is available from:  



Rigol Technologies, Inc, an ISO9001:2000 Quality Management System and ISO14001:2004 Environmental Management System Certified company, is an emerging T&M company and a technology innovator in Electronic Measurement and Chemical Analysis. Rigol’s premium line of products includes Digital Oscilloscopes, RF Spectrum Analyzers, Digital Multimeters, Function/Arbitrary Waveform Generators, Digital Programmable Power Supplies, HPLC and UV-vis Spectrophotometers. RIGOL Headquartered in Beijing, China, with the branch offices in Cleveland, OH, and Munich, Germany, the company’s 400 employees and more than 150 distributers or Representatives offers products and services in over 80 countries/regions on six continents. More information about RIGOL are available at  


For more information, please contact:


Rigol Technologies Europe GmbHKEK Concept GmbH

Lindberghstr. 4Hofer Str. 1

D-82178 PuchheimD-81737 München

Tel.: +49 (0)89  8941895-0Tel.: +49 (0)89  673 461-30

Fax: +49 (0)89  8941895-10Fax  +49 (0)89  673 461-55

Contact: Wolfgang BartelsContact: Evelyn Stepken

E-Mail: wolfgang_bartels@rigol.comE-Mail: 



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