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Fewer people have positive attitude towards virtual reality today than two years ago


Following a first survey from 2017, ReportLinker conducted a new research on virtual reality (VR) to find out if opinions and attitudes towards this technology have shifted. Numbers show that awareness, opinions and adoption have declined.

The main findings show that:
• Today, only 62% of people have a positive attitude towards the technology compared to 83% in January 2017.
• 56% of people heard about the technology but are not able to explain it to a friend, a 10 points increase since 2017.
• 23% are very familiar with it and can explain what it is, (minus 13 points since 2017).
• 14% of people have already experienced VR, vs 30% of respondents in 2017.

When asked which VR brand comes first to their mind, the Samsung Gear VR remains the leader with 10% of spontaneous mentions compared to 8% for Sony or Oculus. Samsung was already leading the way in 2017 but with a much higher spontaneous recognition rate of nearly 35%.
While VR awareness has grown, consumers’ enthusiasm seems to be running out of steam.

The findings also suggest that one of the key aspects developers should focus on is the promotion and most importantly, the experimentation of the technology by potential consumers, particularly the Millennials.

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