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John Cullen Lighting shows ‘smart’ thinking in new deal with Gooee


John Cullen Lighting, the UK’s leading specialist for the luxury lighting market, has signed a new partnership agreement with Gooee, the creator of the world’s first ‘Full Stack’ IoT platform to ‘connect’ lighting manufacturers to the Internet of Things.

The agreement will enable John Cullen to take advantage of a new trend towards intelligent lighting solutions and integrate the latest smart IoT technology into its extensive range of luxury lighting products. The company aims to have its first jointly developed smart interior lighting products with ‘Gooee Inside’ as early as in the second half of 2016.

Peter van der Kolk, CEO of John Cullen Lighting says; “We are excited to be one of Gooee’s launching partners. Our 35 years of in-house lighting design & product design experience, coupled with the cutting edge technology that Gooee is bringing to the table, enables us to start working on the joint development of ultra-smart lighting products for the particular applications that bring the most value for our customers.

“John Cullen Lighting will be able to create high value service propositions combined with our exclusive quality and energy efficient lighting products,” Peter continues. “Our clients will benefit with better and smarter control as well as having a suite of services that provide an exceptional experience.”

Focused on design, engineering and supply of hardware, software and data management components across the LED lighting value chain, Gooee provides sensing, control and communication components that integrate with an enterprise scale cloud platform. This offers a service-driven, scalable framework for lighting OEMs to deliver even greater value to their customers.

Jan Kemeling, Gooee’s Chief Commercial Officer, says that Gooee is the first truly independent, openly accessible, interoperable solution for Lighting OEMs and is similarly excited by the agreement: “At Gooee, we are dedicated to developing and integrating truly innovative technologies that exceed the market’s expectations. That means creating high performance smart components and software solutions that present no surprises, no disappointments, no compromises.”

Jan says that not only will these ‘Gooee inside’ products be individually controllable, but they will also become ‘conscious’ of the environment in which they are deployed: “This creates far-reaching possibilities for the monitoring of product performance and energy usage, and for interaction with other devices in (or outside of) the space such as air conditioners, heaters, smart phones of shoppers and more,” he concludes.

Gooee has set out a vision of how lighting will join the Internet of Things. This year at LuxLive 2015, held on 18 & 19 November at London ExCel, and delivering more than just a stand, Gooee will be performing an interactive, theatrical performance designed to demonstrate how its unique technology operates in various environments.

Taking place at four intervals throughout the day – 10am, 12pm, 2pm and 4pm – attendees will be informed and learn what the Gooee platform can offer in terms of benefits and functionality.

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