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NI TestStand 2012 Increases Automated Test Throughput and Flexibility With New Modular Framework


National Instruments has introduced NI TestStand 2012, the latest version of its automated test management software. With its new modular process architecture, NI TestStand 2012 helps engineers increase the flexibility and throughput of their automated test systems. The new modular framework makes test setup easier, expands test and reporting flexibility, and makes it possible for engineers to simultaneously test and report during parallel testing.

Product Features
· Asynchronous result processing makes it possible to continue testing devices while simultaneously generating reports or data logging
· Plug-in architecture facilitates advanced customisations, including multiple report formats, with minimal code changes
· NI Idea Exchange Community-requested features that reduce development time, including drag-and-drop code module files for step autogeneration, improved array and string manipulation, and more.

Readers can learn more about NI TestStand 2012 by visiting these additional resources:

· Product details:
· Webcast video: NI TestStand 2012 New Features
· Free NI TestStand 2012 evaluation download

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