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High Bandwidth And Low Resistance Tolerance Non-Volatile Digital Potentiometers


Analog Devices, Inc. (ADI) today introduced a series of non-volatile single, dual and quad-channel digital potentiometers (digiPOTs) that improve component matching in industrial and communication control systems by featuring resistance tolerance of ±1 percent (typ).

The 11 new digiPOTs in ADI’s AD514x and AD512x series also achieve a 3-MHz bandwidth that is 50 percent higher than the closest competitor, which enables faster system response time. The new devices offer the industry’s lowest temperature coefficient performance over the widest temperature range (-40°C to 125°C).
ADI’s non-volatile digiPOT series meets a wide range of system-level requirements in single, dual, or quad, 256-tap or 128-tap, SPI or I²C interfaces, leaded and leadless packaging, all featuring 4 kV ESD protection.

Download data sheets, view product pages and request samples
Watch a video explaining how the problem of amplifier gain linearisation can be solved by this  digiPOT series
Find application notes and technical articles about digital potentiometer solutions from ADI:





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