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HARTING exhibits RFID range for warehousing and logistics at IMHX


HARTING will be exhibiting its range of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) products at the IMHX show 13th-16th September in Birmingham (Stand UK14). Products on show will include the unique Ha-VIS LOCFIELD® antenna and the new Ha-VIS RF-R300 UHF RFID reader, both designed to meet some of the toughest industrial RFID applications.

The stand will feature live demonstrations to highlight how HARTING’s products help overcome the challenges of speed, location and environmental conditions. Tags of various design and specification, combined with a range of antenna designs and readers of appropriate power can be used to create solutions for almost every RFID requirement.

The Ha-VIS RF-R300 UHF RFID reader is of extremely robust construction allowing it to be placed in exposed and harsh environments. Its innovative software gives it the flexibility to tackle a wide range of RFID applications. The robust M12 HARTING connectors provide for both Power-over-Ethernet and eight GPIO (General Purpose Inputs and Outputs). There is also an optional external power supply to add further flexibility in configuration.

The Ha-VIS RF-R300 UHF RFID reader offers a maximum UHF output power of 0.5 watts on the two RP-TNC connectors, allowing it to easily fulfil all the tasks of a mid-range reader. Depending on the antenna and the coaxial antenna cable used, the reader is easily capable of reaching the maximum allowable UHF power of 2 watts ERP radiated at the antenna.

HARTING’s unique Ha-VIS LOCFIELD® RFID antenna uses a coaxial travelling-wave concept to offer users a compact package with complete flexibility in the design of RF reading zones. This makes it ideal for situations where space is at a premium.

There is generally very little space available around conveyor belts, and classical RFID antennas are limited in their ability to map curved tracks which in turn restricts the capability track and trace production history at every point in the process.

The mechanically flexible Ha-VIS LOCFIELD® RFID antenna requires minimal space as it consists only of an industrial-grade coaxial line. The antenna can therefore be installed and laid in any shape according to the needs of the specific application. This includes the ability to lay it around the curves of conveyor belts.

HARTING will also show its range of RFID tags, readers, connectors and switches that direct customers and systems integrators can use to build complete reader networks for RFID applications.

Please click here for further information on HARTING’s RFID products

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