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H4 UTX connector New PV Connector from Amphenol Meets the Three Highest Certification Standards on the Market


The H4 UTX is fully matable with standard H4s in all AWGs

Amphenol Industrial Products Group, a global leader in interconnect systems, now offers The H4 UTX – a PV connector that meets all three of the highest certification standards on the market, allowing this one connector to be used globally. The new connector meets IEC50521 TUV 1500V- Class A (All Access), UL6703 1000V (Americas) and JET 1500V (Japan). 

These certifications make the connector ideal for use worldwide by all PV module manufacturers, installers, developers, electrical distributers as well as inspectors, combiner box companies and engineering procurement construction (EPC) firms. The H4 UTX is available in all AWGs, from14 AWG to 8 AWG, and are fully matable with all existing H4 PV connectors and the typical PV industry standard connectors.  

A larger version of the connector, known as the H4 UTX-XL, can accommodate 8 AWG PV wire, up to 2kV.  This larger version can mate with the H4 UTX as well as with all existing H4 connectors in all AWGs. 

Martin Booker, general manager, Amphenol Industrial Products Group commented: “The connector’s efficient design keeps costs low and improves flexibility, since it can mate with all PV wire sizes.  The added benefit of meeting three of the highest global certifications in the solar market truly makes the H4 UTX a single, cost-effective device for use worldwide.” 

Amphenol’s H4 UTX uses Amphenol’s proven RADSOK technology to achieve higher current ratings and lower contact resistance, resulting in lower power losses. 

Technical Specifications

•Triple certified for global use: TUV 1500V- Class A (All Access); UL 1000V;  JET 1500V

•Fully matable with all AWGs and current H4

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