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Global Certification Forum and Telecommunications Technology Association announce global certification solution for oneM2M


Global Certification Forum (GCF) and Telecommunications Technology Association (TTA) will launch a global certification solution for global Internet of Things (IoT) standards body oneM2M in early 2019, as part of its work to increase interoperability to the IoT ecosystem.

The solution, which will incorporate oneM2M’s current TTA-run certification programme, recognises the critical importance of mobile technologies in IoT-enabled M2M solutions – a trend which is set to accelerate with the advent of 5G. oneM2M certification through GCF will be key to ensuring proper functionality and compliance with industry standards for fast, efficient, and secure IoT solutions in the connected world.

Technologies which comply with oneM2M standards will ensure seamless connectivity and interoperability with back end networks, as well as allowing for safe and secure transactions. Today’s news is in-line with TTA’s mission to support global oneM2M certification services and will significantly benefit the IoT and M2M industry.

“This development underlines GCF’s expertise in developing certification programmes for advanced mobile technologies in industry verticals,” said Lars Nielsen, General Manager at GCF. “It complements our strategy of expansion from core telecoms technologies into IoT applications to service the emerging 5G ecosystem. GCF is collaborating with world class organisations such as oneM2M and TTA to enable the growth and proliferation of the IoT connected devices ecosystem.”

oneM2M is a global organisation which creates technical specifications, common use cases and architectural principles to ensure that machine-to-machine communications can operate effectively on a worldwide scale. oneM2M architecture is based on a common M2M service layer, which can be readily embedded within vendors’ hardware and software solutions, ensuring interoperability between the myriad of IoT devices in the field and M2M application servers worldwide.

“GCF’s work with TTA highlights the growing global momentum for tested interoperability in IoT devices and applications,” said Patrick Van de Wille, Marcom Chair at oneM2M. “Our membership numbers are steadily increasing as organisations recognise the benefits of reducing the complexity through a global standard. All stakeholders will reap the rewards from improved productivity and reduced costs, which will ensure the sustained growth of the IoT transformation.”

A leader in global standards and certification services, TTA has been the at the fore of oneM2M certification since 2014 and is currently the official oneM2M testing and certification organisation. Today’s news is the culmination of work it has carried out to expand the testing and certification service, keeping up-to-date with oneM2M standards and providing feedback on the standards by collaborating with overseas testing institutes.

“We are extremely pleased to have this partnership with GCF that supports the increasing importance of oneM2M standardisation in the global IoT market,” said Park-Jae-Moon, President of TTA. “This is a critical milestone in our journey from setting up the very first oneM2M certification solution for Korea, to meet regional needs. Now we can offer this on a global level to ensure interoperability and set a benchmark for quality that will enable a successful future for IoT connectivity.”

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