Giga Sps Data Converter Interfaces; Serial or Parallel – which to choose?


Wednesday 16 November

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What will I learn from this free webinar?

There are a number of different interfaces for today’s high speed data converters. This webinar will provide you with design techniques to ensure reliable data transfer as well as a technical description of the most popular interfaces, including:

Parallel Interfaces:

  • The pros and cons of Parallel
  • PCB and FPGA Design Techniques
  • Application areas include:
    - Control Systems
    - Electronic Warfare
    - Communications

Serial Interfaces:

  • The pros and cons of Serial
  • PCB and FPGA Design Techniques
  • ESIstream data protocol for increased efficiency
  • Application areas include:
    -Test and Measurement
    - Communication Systems

Electronics World and e2v will be hosting the webinar at 9:00am and 4:00pm so you can choose the time slot which is most suitable for you.

View the free on demand webinar here’


Nicolas Chantier:

Currently e2v’s data converter marketing strategist, Nicolas has spent over 8 years leading e2v’s innovations in microwave capable data converter technologies for a range of applications, including Mil-Aero, Civil Aviation and Space applications. Prior to working for e2v, Nicolas has had a vast experience in application engineering and market strategy roles for other high profile semiconductor companies.

These key roles, plus academic studies in electronics, satellite communications and microwave system designing give Nicolas over 15 years’ experience of microwave capable signal processing technologies.

Languages spoken: English, French, German and Italian.

Andrew Glascott-Jones, Applications Engineer, e2v

Marc Stackler, Applications Engineer, e2v

Sebastien Frasse-Sombet, Business Development Manager, e2v

View the free on demand webinar here’