Introducing software defined microwave systems: Pushing the boundaries of RF to digital frequencies


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 Thursday 18 February
3pm GMT



What will I learn from this free webinar?

Join Nicolas Chantier, e2v’s data converter expert with over 15 years’ experience of microwave data converter technologies, to learn about the previously unimaginable applications made possible with e2v’s next-generation microwave capable data converters.

This webinar will discuss the baseband limitations of most traditional digital-to-analog converters (DACs) and demonstrate how next-generation data converter technology is minimising the gap between the RF and digital domain with a new 7GHz DAC operating in multiple Nyquist zones.

Other topics discussed will be:

  • Application benefits of ultra-wideband data converters
  • Migrating software define radio to the microwave domain
  • How next-gen DACs facilitate new ways to architect challenging RF and microwave systems
  • Up-sampling and how next-gen DACs can place synthesized signals into the L-, C- and S-bands
  • Pulse shaping as an aid to frequency planning and output power optimisation

Afterwards, our speaker will host a multilingual Q&A session (English, French, German or Italian)

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Nicolas Chantier:

Currently e2v’s data converter marketing strategist, Nicolas has spent over 8 years leading e2v’s innovations in microwave capable data converter technologies for a range of applications, including Mil-Aero, Civil Aviation and Space applications. Prior to working for e2v, Nicolas has had a vast experience in application engineering and market strategy roles for other high profile semiconductor companies.

These key roles, plus academic studies in electronics, satellite communications and microwave system designing give Nicolas over 15 years’ experience of microwave capable signal processing technologies.

Languages spoken: English, French, German and Italian.

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