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EV Charging infrastructure boosted with new service from Rapid and ICEE


The EV charging infrastructure has been boosted with the announcement that Rapid Electronics and ICEE Managed Services have entered into a partnership to introduce a fully integrated EV charging installation service.

The new service is aimed at the commercial, B2B and local authority markets. Spanning the entire planning, procurement and delivery process, it includes equipment selection, supply, installation, commissioning and lifetime maintenance of EV charging systems. Rapid was chosen by ICEE because the company is an official distributor of Schneider Electric EV charging stations, which will be the products supplied as part of the service.

By providing one point of contact, the combined resources of ICEE and Rapid will undertake and simplify the EV installation process, which can often seem complicated and time-consuming to the prospective customer.

ICEE is an installation contractor with a wealth of experience in transport, communications and bespoke infrastructure projects. It was recently appointed as an authorised installer of specific EV charge-points by the Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) Workplace Charging Scheme (WCS). ICEE is eligible to submit grant claims for customers under the WCS scheme, and these can be processed through the Rapid/ICEE service.

“EV charging point clusters must become as commonplace as petrol and diesel filling stations,” says Paul Harris, Managing Director of ICEE Managed Services. “We have already launched into supplying and installing EV charging points. We want to strengthen our presence in this exciting new market, so we jumped at the chance of partnering with Rapid and helping to create a simple one-stop-shop service.”

“Our installation engineers have undertaken training courses at Schneider Electric’s UK premises. Partnering with Rapid will help ICEE keep up with the very fast-moving rate of change in the industry such as new grants and funding, battery technology and other key developments. For customers, ICEE’s registration under the OLEV WCS grant aid scheme will add further value to our service.”

James Bates, Managing Director of Rapid, said: “We are very pleased to partner with ICEE Managed Services. EV charging is still in its infancy and in some cases still has fragmented contact points for customers. The initiative with ICEE helps solve that problem and creates an opportunity for an agile, customer-focused business.

“We are very close to Schneider Electric and their expertise, but we realised a similar relationship was required with a dynamic installer. To ensure EV charging points operate flawlessly in the field and deliver consistently reliable service, the quality of installation and maintenance is absolutely key,” said Bates.

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