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element14 launches research-friendly TI LaunchPad microsite


Clear organisation and comprehensive technical information makes it easy to source the right kit and use it

The element14 community’s new TI LaunchPad microsite is uniquely well organised to simplify the selection, research and purchasing process for engineers and electronics developers.

The microsite is designed in modules so that it’s easy to see the corresponding software tools and BoosterPacks for the MSP430 Value Line, C2000 and Stellaris LaunchPads. Data-rich technical pages in each of the modules incorporate datasheets, guides, videos, white papers, application notes and a link to a shopping cart. This one-stop “reference library” helps users to select the right kit plus instructs them how to use it to evaluate the latest devices from Texas Instruments or start development of a new application.

“The element14 Community has become the go-to resource not only for professional design engineers, but for electronics enthusiasts, because they can find everything they need for their project in one convenient place,” commented Dianne Kibbey, Head of Community, element14.

“Our members can collaborate with peers and technical experts, research the latest development kit and purchase electronic components—all from within the same environment.”

TI LaunchPad users are invited to join the discussion on the new microsite.

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