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EA Sports – Fifa World Cup 2014 motion capture technology


With the launch of Fifa World Cup 2014 game motion capture technology was used exclusively by the game to replicate an individual football players performance. 
Motion capture technology and the methods of applying motion in a game are varied, ranging from optical to inertia-based systems. Optical systems utilize data captured from reflective markers attached to a performer to triangulate the 3D position of a subject between one or more cameras calibrated to provide overlapping projections. Inertial Motion Capture technology is based on miniature inertial sensors, which use gyroscopes, accelerometers and magnetometers to measure rotational degree of freedom. 3D scanning is the process of acquiring the geometry and textures of a subject to create an exact digitized version of that talent.

The vast majority of games produced today utilize the combination of motion capture and 3D scanning to create the foundation for all the character movements and character image that we see on screen. These combined help bring characters to life creating visually compelling and believable characters.

RF (radio frequency) positioning systems are becoming more viable as higher frequency RF devices allow greater precision than older RF technologies such as traditional radar. The speed of light is 30 centimetres per nanosecond (billionth of a second), so a 10 gigahertz (billion cycles per second) RF signal enables an accuracy of about 3 centimetres. By measuring amplitude to a quarter wavelength, it is possible to improve the resolution down to about 8 mm. To achieve the resolution of optical systems, frequencies of 50 gigahertz or higher are needed, which are almost as line of sight and as easy to block as optical systems. Multipath and re-radiation of the signal are likely to cause additional problems, but these technologies will be ideal for tracking larger volumes with reasonable accuracy, since the required resolution at 100 meter distances is not likely to be as high. Many RF scientists believe that radio frequency will never produce the accuracy required for motion capture.

Below is an independent  review of the game. From the point of view of motion capture technology this is undoubtedly vital in creating the games accuracy feel and dynamics.

Ahead of this summer’s World Cup in Brazil, Betfair have been kind enough to send us a copy of the new official FIFA videogame to review.

Just looking at the box this game starts to build the excitement already, knowing that EA will deliver an easy on the eye, vibrant, entertaining and a ‘real as it can be’ experience. The motion capture technology is crucial to this.

The start is already different, full of colours and with the samba beat fuelling the games slick opening credits. The familiar EA opening is greeted by the usual logging on profile, which in my opinion always seems to take a little longer than necessary. Then the first menu meets the eyes, a plethora of options are displayed with pictures, at first look it is quite hard to navigate as you search for the familiar games options, but ultimately looking for the online tournament and of course to take your journey through the world cup with the country of your choice.

The opening kick-off match is a great way to get to grips with the game and teams available. One of the greatest ideas within choosing your team is to see exactly where the country is in the world that you would be leading over the next several hours. A neat educational extra, for some off the younger players.The opening sequence to the game is EA’s usual strong visual extravaganza, with the music, commentary and national anthems, which gives you that world cup buzz and excuse to relive the reality in the biggest football tournament in the world.

The graphics are smooth, slick and everything you would expect, with the added extra of the managers on the touch line, which have been given the makeover like the players and when you score that crucial goal, the cut-a-away to the folks back home, going crazy in front of a big screen.The game play however has something quite different, the nine months or so you have had to master Fifa 14, this edition has a more technical feel to it, those bursting runs leaving players for dead and having time on the ball are a lot trickier. You have to think more, you have to act faster and those goalkeepers have just got better. Even though you probably know Fifa 14 inside out, this game delivers a slightly bigger challenge and a lot more dedication in possession football.

Overall the game is exactly what any player is looking for to relive the real thing over the next month, but as many of these games, it is the testing ground for the next season’s Fifa instalment. If you have the money, it will be a dream to play with your friends over the World Cup period. Try out the new game play for next season.



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