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Drive Test Solutions improve user experience through optimised cellular broadband networks


The users of the latest mobile and smartphones demand good service from their mobile operators and this, ultimately, depends upon the performance of the cellular broadband network.

Ascom TEMS™ Investigation software and PCTEL® SeeGull® EXflex scanner available from Electro Rent

For service providers, drive and walk test solutions are essential in order to monitor and validate their quality of service by continuously capturing and analysing near real-time network data. TEMS™ Investigation from Ascom Networking Testing is the industry-leading drive test software for troubleshooting, verification, optimisation and maintenance of wireless networks. The Ascom software solution allows integrated data collection, real-time analysis and post-processing, eliminating the need for multiple software tools, reducing cost and saving time and effort for operations staff.

When configured with a PCTEL SeeGull EXflex scanning receiver, TEMS Investigation provides a complete drive test solution for mobile operators, service providers, network equipment manufacturers, consultants and regulatory bodies. Electro Rent Europe can now provide a drive test solution comprised of a TEMS Investigation unit coupled with a PCTEL SeeGull EXflex scanning receiver. The drive test solution is available through any of Electro Rent’s standard rental or leasing options, including rent-to-own. With Electro Rent’s flexible equipment acquisition options, customers can access the equipment they need, when they need it and for as long as it is required. David Saeys, General Manager for Electro Rent Europe commented,“This new addition fits in nicely in our Wireless Installation and Maintenance portfolio. We can help our customers in this market already with a vast set of tools like Cable & Antenna testers, Base Station Tests, PIM Analyzers and Antenna Alignment solutions. With the addition of the market leading Scanner-based Drive Test Solution, our customers can now also turn to their trusted supplier for these kits.”

The PCTEL SeeGull Exflex scanning receiver provides the flexibility to test mobile networks from 300MHz to 3.8GHz, supporting most major wireless technologies in a single unit. Ascom’s TEMS Investigation product together with the EXflex scanner is compatible with cellular and broadband technologies such as UMTS, LTE, CDMA, EVDO, WIMAX and TD-SCDMA. For Ascom, David Brown, Vice President of EMEA Sales, commented, “TEMS Investigation is the industry-leading drive test solutions and is used in over 180 countries worldwide. Electro Rent’s comprehensive range of rental and leasing options together with its global presence will allow even more customers to access our solution and ensure improved quality of service for mobile and smartphone users.” David Saeys, General Manager for Electro Rent Europe commented, “Electro Rent Europe has offices and affiliates throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Optimising the performance of cellular technology is increasingly important, particularly in the emerging markets of the MEA. By offering a complete drive test solution based on Ascom’s software and PCTEL’s scanner we can give our customers the solutions they need to improve the performance of their networks, in a way that is both practical and affordable.”

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