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Digital radio processor available from Solid State Supplies delivers high-performance Digital Mobile Radio capability in two-slot TDMA systems



Redditch, UK, September 19, 2013: Solid State Supplies has announced availability of a new digital radio processor from CML Microcircuits, a leading innovator and provider of low-power semiconductors for global wireless and two-way radio communications markets. The CMX7161 is a new low-power Digital Radio Processor specifically targeted at two-slot TDMA digital radio systems, including Digital Mobile Radio (DMR).

The new CMX7161 is based upon CML’s FirmASIC® technology with Function Image™ 7161FI-1.x and implements a high-performance half-duplex digital radio modem that complies with the ETSI TS 102 361 DMR standard. The device uses root-raised cosine 4FSK modulation in a 12.5kHz radio channel to automatically handle slot timing and synchronisation. An integrated analogue interface removes the need for external audio codecs and provides maximum support to a host microcontroller, when combined with a range of intelligent auxiliary functions.

The CMX7161 provides a direct connection to the market-leading CMX994 Direct Conversion Receiver (DCRx), enabling the implementation of a highly integrated DMR radio. The CMX7161/CMX994 is a unique chip-combo that enables new DMR manufacturers and designs to enter into the digital PMR arena with market-leading products.

To enable a fast development path for new manufacturers entering the DMR market, the DE9943 SDR two-slot TDMA SDR demonstrator board is also available. This board combines the CMX7161 baseband device, CMX994 RF DCRx device and also includes the CMX7262 TWELP professional radio vocoder, host controller, keyboard and display, enabling DMR peer-to-per operation in a standalone configuration.

The CMX7161 processor and the DE9943 kit are available to order now from Solid State Supplies.

For further information and reader enquiries:
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About Solid State Supplies
Solid State Supplies supports UK electronic equipment designers and manufacturers with best-in-class technologies from some of the world’s most innovative component makers.
Our products are focused on two main areas: embedded processing and connectivity (wired and wireless), and power semiconductors and modules. We represent a limited number of suppliers in order to provide outstanding technical and commercial support. These suppliers include leading global brands and smaller niche companies that offer products with exceptional performance in specific applications.

We serve customers in military and aerospace, industrial and medical electronic equipment markets. Our inventory is UK-based for fast, reliable delivery.

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