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Custom overmoulded cable harnesses


Durability and consistent performance are two aspects of cable harness design that are critical to the lifetime of a product, especially when used in demanding environments where vibration, impact and corrosion can all greatly reduce the long term performance of cable harnesses.

SIC can provide overmoulding on products that require it via our dedicated moulding section of our UK manufacturing facility. Whether you are looking for overmoulded cable assemblies that can withstand harsh or demanding environments or have performance parameters that must be met for your industry, the team at SIC Ltd will make it possible.

 We have moulding presses in our ISO9001:2008, certified manufacturing facility and in-house manufacture can be completed to spec and on-time no matter the requirements. With 50 years of industry experience, we have the engineering and technology resources to take your cable assembly design and expertly manufacture it to meet the demands of your application.

The benefits of overmoulding:
• Resistance to shock and vibration
• Restricts fluid ingress
• Defends the harness against abrasion and corrosion
• Allows performance in extreme temperatures



T: 01792 458777 

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